Tool – Vicarious

Tool – Vicarious official music video clip
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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16 Responses to Tool – Vicarious

  1. andreiek2007 says:

    go watch the movie FROM BEYOND

  2. sixfeetunder9191 says:

    funny how no one talks about this amazing tool video or tool song or even about the band. you all suck and need to go die somewhere.

  3. JFMatador says:

    @trypt1 So you are going to live eat shit and then die? what is the purpose of living then? that’s why there are people who believes in Jesus, they are not bad people…go tell that to the Muslims.

  4. JFMatador says:

    @DraconianIntent624 those who commit crime and adultery won’t go to heaven, you just have to be good.

  5. jerhinus says:

    @DraconianIntent624 Wisdom comes out of your words.

  6. TheMorfiend says:

    great vid. poor sound quality.

  7. crystalpaquiderm says:

    i love tool

  8. zackb801 says:

    where is the dislike bar.

  9. ChannelDead says:

    the worst video and album by tool…I hope they’ll improve with the next one. there are much better bands out there these days.

  10. JakeMcJimmy says:

    3rd eye

  11. theseeringlight says:

    love the drumming in this band

  12. italiaboy1123 says:

    i don’t think its a big deal if someone doesn’t believe in god, but i think it’s a good to believe in SOMETHING. believing in something gives you a sense of right and wrong and what you should and shouldn’t do (the 10 commandments are all pretty basic things that everyone could consider “bad”, killing, stealing, ect.). i myself am a deist and if u don’t know what that is do some research. organized religion retards human kind

  13. mitmica72 says:

    no jodas !!!, puedes crearte tantas visiones e imaginar tantas realidades con música y videos como los de Tool, es muy bueno, shit !

  14. punisher154 says:

    I don’t think of any of Tool’s songs as songs, they’re experiences. Same with their videos. So I can safely say I experienced this video. I didn’t understand a second of it, but that doesn’t matter.

  15. damndirtyape79 says:

    I know there is good in the world however I didn’t discover this until I was fully consumed by the evil in this world.

  16. fonyric says:

    @trypt1 How about the idea of someone responsible for a very complex design of a very complex world? Not the whole Universe, maybe just 1 for every planet. Claiming it came from nothing and created itself in a such equilibrated and perfect in its imperfection way, is a bit frivolous and prefered for a lack of a better theory, cause we’re in the scientific era opposing the religious one. But as not all is explained by science, nor religion is free of myths, we can’t deny the spiritual.

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