Plasma Cutter Tutorial

This was a video made for training purposes for the Westport Fire Department in Westport, Connecticut. It outlines how to use the Plasma Cutter found on our heavy rescue. Only properly trained personnel who have read the instruction manual should use this rescue tool. This video is intended for use only by Westport Firefighters.

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9 Responses to Plasma Cutter Tutorial

  1. zion shen says:

    can you compare this machine to LOTOS LT5000D on Amazon?

  2. U bargain says:

    can you compare this to the Lotos LT5000D on amazon for 400 dollars? 3/4″ cut on 220vac?

  3. vurguncan315 says:

    Me too…

  4. MrStickman1997 says:

    I wonder if it works on necromorphs…

  5. JunkyMcSnot says:

    Welcome to the world of welding. It’s not a normal week if I’m not on fire.

  6. cvfdeng306 says:

    nice we used to keep oxy acetlyne torch on our truck but now it sits locked away

  7. Mike Chang says:

    Lotos CT520D: 50A Plasma Cutter /200 A Tig/ 200 A Stick Welder Combo more information from If you like it, add this magic code : mike-youtube you will get 8% discount special price: $644!!!!!!!!!! contact us Tel: (408)642-4864 Email:

  8. choruboy says:

    Hahaha the things we forget :D

  9. Aaron Johnson says:

    Back in May, i was plasma cutting 1/8″ thick steel plate in my Welding and Custom Fabrication class for my project. I had the metal clamped down with 2 C-Clamps and a piece of angle steel as my guide for a more straight cut. Well idiot me did not realize my pants were a little too close under the metal. Well when i was cutting and finished one spot my leg felt really warm (like fireplace warm) and i noticed smoke looked down and the bell of my carpenter pants were on fire.

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