American Craftsman Workshop Tour

I just got a Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS6 for recording my work. This video was entirely shot with this camera (except for the photos of the camera itself:) I tho…
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  1. Todd Clippinger says:

    You have a valid point. This is an old video and I now am using a really nice Shure wireless mic. I’m all over it;)

  2. wakaphwap says:

    maybe you should invest in a new mic?

  3. Todd Clippinger says:

    I have that on my list! 

  4. Jay2525Jay says:

    Todd great space, great shop. Thanks for the quick tour. I would enjoyed a longer more detailed veiw of the shop, if you can sometime.

  5. Todd Clippinger says:

    Thanks for the kind words. I Hope to keep going with the videos!

  6. 09A34 says:

    Nice shop…great audio and song track too..Keep up the tight work ! D

  7. David Hall says:

    thanks Todd…

  8. Todd Clippinger says:

    You bet. When you hook up the memory to your Mac then the video will want to be loaded into iPhoto. If you don’t want it to go into iPhoto and would rather take it straight to iMovie, close iPhoto without importing anything. Then click on the memory icon on the desktop to open it. Find the video files put them on the desktop and then you can open iMovie & import the file from there. I usually do it that way rather than using iMovie to navigate into the camera or card memory.

  9. David Hall says:

    I got the DMX-Zs7……Can load video onto my Mac…??

  10. Tom Dalton says:

    The last name had me confused. We thought it was cooper. I was sure it was you, though.

  11. Tom Dalton says:

    Could this be the same Clippinger recently prowling the streets of Centerburg? Now I know why all of the mature streets in Centerburg are being cut down!

  12. Bryan Cowing says:

    Neat! How was the editing done? Something I need to learn about.

  13. MisterSoul99 says:

    Wow that camera does good in that lighting, I have the worst time making vids in low light areas I must do all mine at the front when the door is open. I am trying to locate a camera with wide field of view and good any low light… anyone have tips let me know. PS: Beautiful Shop!

  14. rockychampy says:

    Fantastic. What are the dimensions of your shop? Is it a dedicated building, or attached? Thanks.

  15. drail80s says:

    I easily noticed the stacked and stickered boards next to the bandsaw, do you cut some of your own lumber from logs, or firewood? Nice shop

  16. Skinnedmedula says:

    I thought of a carivan of hippie Arabs riding camels thru the desert .’-)

  17. dirtTdude says:

    I mostly do rigging and installs on motor yachts.. water makers, thrusters, inverters, electronics etc. i’m getting out of it to build drift boats in my shop. would love to see some of your work, i like boats.

  18. dirtTdude says:

    your shop is so incredibly awesome… I’m jealous, that’s right, jealous. I’ll also have you know that I’m coveting your planing and sanding station Sir. as a matter of fact, i want to touch it.

  19. MrRoberoni117 says:

    Nice shop… It only needs one thing.. ME. HA HA. Organized though, and thats important.

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