Feed The Beast {EP.49} – Power Tools! ;)

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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16 Responses to Feed The Beast {EP.49} – Power Tools! ;)

  1. Divatigs says:

    He has shields thats why you didn’t do any damage the yellow things floating around him. Other wise you would have done a ton of damage.

  2. mariofreakgaming says:


  3. Wolfester77 says:

    So from DTI to TPI??

  4. coby carranza says:

    theres secret chest inside

  5. reiners grinbergs says:

    make ice kings home and live there.

  6. MistahSwiggles Si says:

    How did he bind the keys? I can’t figure it out.

  7. MrTmrocker says:

    topmass! you dont start getting (noticeable) speed effects until you hit 25kg your only at 10!

  8. Shane Burke says:

    its funny cuz unhost got trapped in an age so biffa went to save him but he died and lost the same armor!!!

  9. mrawesome179 says:

    so much for that train station

  10. Johnny Eatmon says:

    Can you put the settings you used on Pastebin or something?

  11. chocomadlm says:

    make a tower for you and unhost and call it dti empire(put a water slide to get down and it will look awsome just like you!)

  12. dafuq bigcoq says:

    Do black Steve boss

  13. Actuallysweedish says:

    You should use the flight control on the helmet

  14. Buckshot1305 says:

    Turn down the voltage so it doesn’t destroy blocks

  15. andres arroyo says:

    Color your armor like iron man and be like pew pew with the power glove

  16. Dj Plays Mc says:

    yea make ice king ice kingdom

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